Being a teacher is no easy task. You are educator, mentor, caregiver, disciplinarian, and friend all at once. And starting a career as a teacher, entrusted with young minds, is even more daunting. That’s why the Ohio Department of Education developed the Ohio Resident Educator Program. This 4-year program helps beginning teachers on their first steps of a career in education. During year 3, teachers complete a Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA). Over 2,900 Year 3 Resident Educators in the state of Ohio underwent this assessment this year. And we are Hamilton Proud to report that 5 of our own Hamilton City School teachers achieved scores in the top 100.

The RESA is a pretty intense undertaking, with lots of self-evaluation and reflection. Lessons are created and recorded on video. Additionally, they need to provide data that shows their students are learning and growing. Last, but definitely not least, they need to have a two-way conversation with a parent that improved a students’ achievement. And of course, all of the teachers need to provide evidence to support this entire assessment. The amount of time, effort, focus, tears, encouragement and pure determination it took to complete this massive undertaking cannot be measured.

Top 5 Resident Educators

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate these teachers and their achievements. Here they also share what makes them Hamilton Proud.

  • Sandi Roberts, Title Teacher at Crawford Elementary: “I am Hamilton Proud of the supports provided to me that help my students learn to read. There’s no better feeling than building the reading foundation in students. This is the only year my students will be in kindergarten so this year MUST count.”
  • Casey Blanton, MD Teacher at Linden Elementary: “The staff in our building are so willing to work with me and my students so they can experience a more well-rounded education. My students feel like a true part of Linden Elementary!”
  • Tara Strong, Second Grade Teacher at Riverview Elementary: “The support and encouragement I’ve received from all of my colleagues at Riverview – they make me feel like I CAN every day!”
  • Alyssa Montgomery, ESL Teacher at Riverview Elementary: “My Riverview family has been there from Day 1 helping me to accomplish this top honor!”
  • Cassie Davis, ESL Teacher at Riverview Elementary: “My students make me Hamilton Proud. They are AMAZING and they shatter stereotypes in EVERY WAY!”

Hamilton City School District students are clearly in good hands. Of course, these teachers represent only a small percentage of the staff and administrators who spend every day working with and for our students. And all of them together is what makes us Hamilton Proud.