Meet Jared Whalen, Executive Chef at the Coach House

Executive Chef Jared Whalen’s resume reads like a who’s who of Cincinnati’s premiere restaurants. After landing a gig with Cincinnati celebrity chef Jean-Robert de Cavel at the Masionette, Jared’s journey took him on a foodie’s dream tour: Jean-Robert at Pigall’s, Pho Paris, Chalk Food + Wine, and Jean-Robert’s Table. After nearly a decade of playing in the Cincinnati dining scene, Jared came back home to Hamilton.

Around the Food Scene and Back Home Again

Growing up in Hamilton, Jared got his culinary start at the local Applebee’s. While he started as a dish washer, the restaurant atmosphere sparked something. He followed that spark to now-closed restaurant DiPaolo’s in Oxford, where the chef recognized his potential. He encouraged Jared to go to culinary school and helped him apply to the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. After graduation, Jared decided to come back home to stay close to his family. Because his grandfather was living in Hamilton’s Berkeley Square, Cincinnati gave him a manageable commute.

At the time, the Cincinnati food scene was at a critical tipping point. There were few quality restaurants in the city, a stark contrast to the 2018 Cincinnati dining experience. But Jared sought out Jean-Robert at the Masionette. There he gladly worked for free for three months, after which Jean-Robert offered him a paid position. They continued their working relationship across the city as Jared followed Jean-Robert to Pigall’s, Pho Paris, Chalk Food + Wine, finally landing as Chef Cuisine at Jean-Robert’s Table.

After his stint at Table, Jared took a hiatus from the kitchen. But when he was offered the Executive Chef position at The Coach House, he jumped at the opportunity. Jared was living in Hamilton, and he had lots of fond memories from visiting his grandfather at Berkeley Square. In a way, being part of the community he knew and loved was the real opportunity. At the Coach House, Jared is able to bring something to his hometown of Hamilton.

Fresh is the Key Ingredient

His kitchen is fueled by fresh ingredients – fish, proteins and vegetables. “You can really taste the difference,” he says. The Coach House, nestled in the Berkeley Square retirement community, serves many of those residents. And Jared is excited to bring those fresh ingredients and quality products to those deserving diners. With this philosophy in mind, the Coach House opened its doors to the public, maintaining a menu of classics while adding modern dishes with unexpected ingredient and flavor combinations. When asked what his favorite Coach House dish was, Jared answered, “I’m excited about the next dish.” His creative approach to cuisine is evident throughout the menu, which is always changing.

2018 brings a new adventure to the Coach House: BRUNCH! On Sundays, Chef Jared will be whipping up tasty brunch fare like stuffed strawberry French toast and Go Guetta Sandwiches. Jared is also working on a menu for Valentine’s Day that is sure to be the perfect dinner date for two. And as we move into Spring, we can look forward to Easter Brunch and Mother’s Day Brunch. No matter the dining occasion, we can guarantee that the food will be delicious!

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