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Barb Winkler

Hamilton Police Department Chief's Office Secretary

Barb is a native Hamiltonian who has worked for the City of Hamilton for 25 years. She became a member of the Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre in 1988 but had been involved unofficially since she was a young girl. Barb and her sister produced “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” with the Hamilton Rotary earlier in 2017.

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?


QWhat inspires you to be involved in Hamilton?

AI enjoy seeing everyone attending Hamilton events and coming back to downtown Hamilton. It’s amazing how many people don’t know what Hamilton has to offer. I love seeing people I haven’t seen in years at these events and catching up with them.

QWhat do you envision for the future of Hamilton?

AHamilton is my town and my children’s town. I envision a place where our children will grow up, go to college, and choose to come back to Hamilton to live and raise their children. Hamilton has so much going on! You used to have to go out of town to do many things, but with all of the recent growth, you don’t have to. 

QWhat sets Hamilton apart from other cities?

AThe families that have roots and history here. In other places, people leave and never come back. In Hamilton people stay. Everyone I work with loves Hamilton. Hamilton has a sense of place and everything is coming together.

QWhat is the “hidden gem” in our community:

A The hidden gem is the Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre. It’s located on South Third Street next to the Community First Solutions Resource Center and we perform at Parrish Auditorium at Miami Hamilton. We are a quality theater, comparable to many better known theaters in the region.

In addition to working for the city, Barb often volunteers her time through civic theater, producing and acting in many plays. She also volunteers for events such as Ice Fest and the RiversEdge Summer Concert Series. Finally, she is a member of St. Peter and Chains Church on Ridgelawn Ave.
-Marc McManus

QIf you could complete one community project without any limitations, what would it be?

AI would build a new theater for the Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre to perform in. It would be along the Great Miami River, somewhere close to downtown. 

QWhy should people choose to live and work in Hamilton?

AHamilton has a sense of pride. I encourage people to live where they work because then you have a greater sense of purpose in your work.

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