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Brian Woods

Human Relations at ODW Logistics

Brian has lived in Hamilton for ten years and is originally from Fairfield, Ohio. His love for Hamilton has evolved out of his time spent attending Badin High School. Now, Brian and his family live in Highland Park and love both their neighbors and the neighborhood itself. ODW Logistics is a third-party supply management company launched in 2009 as a startup through The Hamilton Mill (then BizTech), Hamilton’s small business incubator. Since then, it has grown to be one of the largest employers in downtown Hamilton, with plans to grow even more in coming years.

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?

Community. Forward thinking. Welcoming.

QWhat is your favorite part about Hamilton?

AThere are so many friendly people in Hamilton. I love stepping out of our office downtown and knowing at least five people on the sidewalk. I also appreciate the sense that everyone is part of Hamilton’s revitalization. Business and community stakeholders work together to move our community forward. When ODW was looking for a new location a few years ago, we realized how unique Hamilton’s sense of community is. In Hamilton, people will get you the right resources when you need them. We’re happy that we were able to find a new location in downtown Hamilton so that we could continue to be part of this community.

QWhat do you envision for the future of Hamilton?

AI am looking forward to the Champion Sports Complex, the Marcum Apartments, and more restaurants and shops on Main Street. From a personal standpoint, I love that my kids are getting a great education in Hamilton. I think it is important for a community to have a variety of educational options for families to choose from. 

QIf you had to eat at one Hamilton restaurant for the rest for your life, what would it be?

AAll8Up. We have a lot of great restaurants but All8Up is the best. 

QWhat do you think is the “hidden gem” in our community?

AThe hidden gems are the neighborhoods and I live in one of the best: Highland Park. We have a great variety of beautiful homes built in the early 1900s. All of my neighbors love our community.  

“Brian Woods truly loves Hamilton. He is always on board for anything new and exciting and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it done.”

–Paige Hufford

QWhat sets Hamilton apart from other cities?

AWhat sets Hamilton apart is its citizens and their loyalty to the city. Citizens want to get involved and make things happen. You can see this mentality in action all over the community. One example is Ty and Lauren Smallwood who devote their own personal time to make the Hamilton Flea happen. 

QWho is your biggest inspiration?

AProfessionally, I would say ODW President John Guggenbiller would be my biggest inspiration. He has shown me different things about myself from a professional standpoint that I never would have seen otherwise. I never thought I would be in Human Relations, but John really challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and take on this role and develop it on my own from scratch. He’s a true inspiration and a leader.

Get Involved

Brian is a community volunteer at many events, including the annual Summer Concert Series at RiversEdge. To find out how to volunteer, contact Karen Wittmer at the Hamilton Visitors Bureau at