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Cindy Trauthwein

Certified Application Counselor for Primary Health Solutions

Cindy Trauthwein works for Primary Health Solutions and volunteers as an advocate for children through PARACHUTE Butler County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). PARACHUTE is a non-profit agency that trains community volunteers to advocate for children who are in the Juvenile Court system due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. She has been a “Big Sister” to several girls through Big Brothers Big Sisters and buys groceries for older adults who need additional assistance.

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?

Close-knit. Upsurge. Friendly.

QHow long have you worked in Hamilton?

AI moved from Florida to Hamilton 19 years ago. I love my job because I have the opportunity to help the uninsured, disabled, and poor get their healthcare needs taken care of. I lost my job years ago so I can put myself in their shoes. My clients often think I’m helping them but they are helping me just as much.

QWhat inspires you to be involved in Hamilton?

AI realize it’s not about me, it’s about helping others. I live by this quote: "It has been said that time is the dressing room for eternity. When the curtain goes up, and I step onto the stage of hereafter, I don't believe God will greatly extol my ability to finish all of my busy work. I think He will, instead, ask for a show of hands - the ones I paused long enough to hold." (Author unknown)  I’ve carried it around in my wallet for 8 years.

QWhat do you envision for you and the future of Hamilton?

AI wish more people would get involved. We struggle with many problems, including homelessness and joblessness. If everyone could help one person then it would be a better world. The Hamilton community is friendlier than most and is very giving. Hopefully the Hamilton community inspires more people to get involved and help their neighbors. 

QWhat sets Hamilton apart from other cities?

AThere are a lot of people who care enough to put in the effort to revitalize Hamilton. The Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the City of Hamilton are doing an amazing job. Hamilton is an amazing town.

“Cindy volunteers as an advocate for children through PARACHUTE. She has been a big sister to several girls, she visits nursing homes on a regular basis and will buy groceries for shut in seniors, and she does all of this tirelessly.”

–April Adams

QWhat do you think is the “hidden gem” in our community?

AThe hidden gem is the Great Miami River and the riverfront. There are so many opportunities there. Hamilton is lucky to have the river.

QIf you could complete one community project without any limitations, what would it be?

ACleaning up some buildings and areas with boarded homes in Hamilton. CORE does a great job, but I want to see more.

Get Involved

Become an advocate for local children with PARACHUTE