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Debra and Doug Campbell are the owners of Fleurish Home. With three current locations, Fleurish Home is a home décor and gift store. Fleurish Home opened its Springboro location in 2013, its Columbus location in 2014, and its first Cincinnati location in 2015. Debra and Doug will be opening a fourth location in Hamilton in fall 2016.

Debra and Doug purchased the building that housed Tom’s Cigar (135 Main Street), and are conducting extensive renovations from the roof to the floor. They are excited to open their fourth location in time for holiday shopping. 

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?

Fun. Vibrant. Energetic.

QWhy did you decide to open a Fleurish Home location in Hamilton?

AWe were searching for a location in the Hamilton/Fairfield area and fell in love with Hamilton, especially the CORE Fund. The city itself has been so supportive. We love that Hamilton has an urban vibe, but is still a suburb. It has room for growth and is a great bridge location between Dayton and Cincinnati. There is so much revitalization happening in Hamilton, and we feel like it has the opportunity to be the next Over-the-Rhine. 

QWhat sets Hamilton apart from other cities?

AHamilton is a fun and vibrant city with a great energy. It’s a small town, but still urban at the same time. We cannot say enough positive comments about the CORE Fund. It has changed the city for the better. Because of the CORE Fund, we have clean streets and wide sidewalks. The CORE Fund has made Hamilton a place you want to be.

The community support that we feel in Hamilton also sets it apart from other cities. We have seen the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Butler County Chamber of Commerce promote our business on social media. Having that kind of community support means so much to us, and we look forward to establishing a presence here in Hamilton. 

QWhat is your favorite part about Hamilton?

AWe enjoy visiting the local shops around town, and especially like visiting True West Coffee.

“Debra and Doug enthusiastically chose Hamilton for their fourth store location. They are passionate about being part of the revitalization of the city.”

–Mike Dingeldein

QWhat project, business, or person do you think has made the biggest impact on the growth of the community?

AThe CORE Fund. If the CORE Fund was not active in Hamilton, downtown would look very different. There are so many unique shops in town, and the city has been supportive. As a small retail business, local government support is so important.

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