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Dwayne Stacy

Physical Education Teacher & Coach for Hamilton City Schools

Dwayne is the head of intramural sports for Hamilton City School’s west side elementary schools. Through the course of his career, Dwayne has coached a number of different sports teams including Miami University Volleyball and high school volleyball and softball. When not working with students, Dwayne is an active volunteer for his church, serves as a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and offers life coaching opportunities to prison inmates.

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?


QHow long have you volunteered in Hamilton?

AI began volunteering at the downtown Hamilton YMCA when I was still in college at Miami University in 1985.  

QWhat inspires you to be involved in the community?

AThe fact that everyone is focused on making the community a better place. Seeing other people passionate about and focused on engagement, volunteerism, and connection fuels my desire to serve.  

QWhat do you envision for the future of Hamilton?

AI am extremely excited about the proposed Champion Sports Complex. This would bring visitors from around the nation to Hamilton. We will have the opportunity to show all of these visitors the proud, vibrant city that Hamilton has become. Visitors would also significantly contribute to our local economy and many may even consider relocating.   

QIf you had to eat at one Hamilton restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be?

AHickory Hut. It was a great mom and pop restaurant on Millville Avenue. I’d have to bring it back.  I’m also a huge fan of Jocko’s Chicken and Seafood.

“Dwayne is the picture of someone who has dedicated his life to providing students with not only better well-being, but a sense of pride in their community and school.  Dwayne leads our students by example and instills in them the most important education of all - character!”

–Ty Smallwood

QWhat do you think is the “hidden gem” in our community?

AI think it’s the school district. The school board is driving so much positive change and the district is refocusing, getting engaged, and giving back to the community and the people. 

QWhat sets Hamilton apart from other cities?

ACompared to where I grew up, there are so many more possibilities to get involved within the community in Hamilton. Hamilton wants you to be involved and get involved. This mentality was a totally new and exciting experience for me.

QWhat would you like to see more of in Hamilton?

ABeing a lifelong thespian, I would like to see more drama production and theaters around town.

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