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– Christian Service Coordinator, Badin High School

Megan Halverson was born and raised in Hamilton. After completing college at Xavier University and living out west briefly, Megan returned to Hamilton in 2001.

Megan currently serves as President of the Hamilton Junior Women’s League, which raises funds and awareness for non-profits that serve women and children. Megan also serves as President of the St. Peter in Chains Educator Parent Improvement Council (EPIC), which is a collaboration of administration, educators, and parents who are committed to the improvement of the school and to building a strong, faith-filled, and united community.

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?

Vibrant. History. Community.

QWhat is your favorite part about Hamilton?

AI enjoy visiting the shops and restaurants on High Street. When I need a gift for someone, High Street is always my first stop. You can find so many unique items right in downtown Hamilton. 

QWhat makes Hamilton a great place to raise your children?

AGrowing up, I remember hearing other kids talk about how they wanted to leave Hamilton. The city has made such major strides over the past few years. I am raising my kids here. They love Hamilton and are proud of their hometown. I’m glad to see the perspective has shifted.

Hamilton has an idealistic small-town America feel to it, and you’re also able to take in many cultural experiences. Residents are community-centered and really care about each other. There is a sense of care and concern for neighbors and families in the community. 

QWhat do you envision for the future of Hamilton?

AI hope to see progress continue. The last five years have brought so much growth, and I would love to see that growth continue spreading throughout the entire city, especially over to Main Street.

“We are a small school with huge energy, and are so proud of all we are doing…and that is because of Megan Halverson and her commitment to our school and love of our community. I could talk for hours about all that she has done.”

–Angie Bucheit

QWhat project, business, or person do you think has made the biggest impact on the growth of the community? 

AThe CORE Fund has made a huge impact on the city. I can tell that those who work for the CORE Fund truly believe in their cause. The spirit of the group is wonderful.

Get Involved

The students of Badin High School participate in service learning volunteer projects with non-profit organizations throughout the community. The projects serve as learning opportunities for students while benefiting their community. Do you know of a non-profit organization that could benefit from volunteers? Check out Badin’s Christian Service Program ,