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Pastor Shaq was born and raised in Hamilton, moved to Indianapolis, and returned to Hamilton two and a half years ago. She grew up in a house near the old train depot and recalls the excitement of steam engines passing through Hamilton. 

Pastor Shaq leads the Truth and Life Community Church. She is passionate about providing opportunities for youth in the community, so she started the Pastor Shaq Job Mentoring Program and works with the Heights child mentoring program.

Pastor Shaq serves as a board member and as the chaplain for the Booker T. Washington Center. She is also involved with the 17 Strong project.

She is excited about the We Are Hamilton initiative because it highlights the great stories of Hamilton and brings up fond memories of past times in the city.

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?

Blended Evolving Community

QWhat is your favorite part about Hamilton?

AI enjoy the revitalized downtown area and the new faces of businesses I see as I walk down the street. I always enjoyed shopping at Elder Beerman, so I’m happy to see that new shops and businesses are locating downtown.

QWhat inspires you to be involved in the community?

AI hope to make the community the best it possibly can be, especially in the 2nd and 4th wards. I hope to provide the youth of Hamilton with as many resources as possible.

QIf you could complete one community project without limitations, what would it be?

AI would love to create a 24-hour youth development center with all types of activities including music, art, a recording studio, and instruments for youth to rent and learn to play. Mentors and instructors would teach various courses. College tour transportation and travel excursions would also be arranged for the youth in the community. 

“Pastor Shaq is an awesome person who loves to give back and has a passion for making Hamilton an awesome place to live.”

–Sandy Rogers

QCan people get involved in your projects and organizations? If so, how?

AYes – all help is welcomed!

The Booker T. Washington Center is always looking for volunteers for afterschool programs. The Heights program welcomes volunteer mentors, and both the Heights program and the Pastor Shaq Job Mentoring Program greatly appreciates donations of school supplies. 

Get Involved

Pastor Shaquila Mathews: Make a difference to the youth in our community by volunteering at the Booker T. Washington Community Center,