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Zach Swelbar is a lifelong Hamiltonian and a recent graduate of Butler Tech School of the Arts. Zach enjoys working at Alexander’s Market and Deli and playing solo jazz gigs throughout the city at places like Startek, Alive After 5, the Hamilton Flea, and the State of the City address. Zach is also a member of the band Circle It, which has performed at events like Operation Pumpkin. 

Zach takes pride in being a Hamiltonian, and you can often find him cleaning up streets and sidewalks throughout the community.

Which three words would you use to describe Hamilton?

Charismatic. Hopeful. Progressive.

QWhich three words would you use to describe Hamilton?

ACharismatic. Hopeful. Progressive.

QWhat is your favorite part about Hamilton?

AMy favorite part about Hamilton is the growing arts scene. From the murals and Artspace to Butler Tech School of the Arts, Hamilton is truly developing from an arts standpoint.

QIf you could complete one community project without any limitations, what would it be?

AWhen I return to Hamilton after college, I would like to create a new music venue for local teens. This would be a place where teens can hang out during the week after school and take in shows on the weekends. The venue would support local artists and give teens a safe and fun place to visit.

QWhat would you like to see more of in Hamilton?

AI would like to see Hamilton draw in younger crowds. I would like to see more youthful shops around town, and some more trendy restaurants like a sushi restaurant.

“Even though he is young, Zach has a strong appreciation of the history of Hamilton. His pride in this city is apparent, making him an effective ambassador among youth.”

–Jascia Redwine

QWhat Hamilton community member inspires you?

ACy Wood, who is a performing arts instructor at Butler Tech School of the Arts. Cy is extremely genuine and really cares for the people he meets. He’s only been in Hamilton for a short time and is already making a difference in our community. He sees things that others might overlook, and is passionate about his work. 

QWhy should people choose to live and work in Hamilton?

AHamilton is a growing community that is progressively developing. If you’re looking to make a big impact, it’s very possible to do in Hamilton.

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